Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hi! My name is Betsy and I'm a fiber fanatic.

My husband and I live on the beautiful island of Guam, which is situated smack in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Our closest familiar neighbor is the Philippines, but we're also close to lots of other beautiful islands in Oceania. We also have LOTS of fresh coconuts and beautiful beaches.
We also have Nemos...

This is my bestie's hand holding a piece of coral shaped like a pistol. That beach in the background? Maybe 10 minutes away from my house by bike. I love it here!

We also have a kitty friend who loves us. We think.

I could fill pages and another hard drive with my beach and snorkeling pictures, but I'm here to talk about yarn. Of all things, why would I want to knit on a tropical island? The answer is, of course, that I just absolutely love it. Furthermore, there's still a place for knits and needlecrafts in hot weather. Cotton, silks, synthetics and other blends are great for garments. Wool socks are great even where it's hot for superior sweat control and in shoe comfort, especially on long hikes down to gorgeous secluded coves. Accessories are always fun to knit and can be made out of whatever's handy, and while gift knitting isn't for everyone, I enjoy it occasionally and it gives me the opportunity to make hats and sweaters for my family members that still have to deal with weather below 75F.

Here are a few things that I made either shortly before or since I've arrived here.
A grocery/ tote bag-
 Hiking socks-

 A cute toy thing for my couch-
 Trivets for a kitchen set that I'm slooooowly adding to-
 Baby overalls for a friend-
 A vest-

 And the list goes on! I use all of these items on a regular basis with the added pleasure of knowing that I made them myself.

Lately I've added another skillset to my collection, spinning and dyeing wool and other fibers. Admittedly this is not so practical for my island life, but I do wear thin wool hats on occasion and frankly I'm not so concerned with having a purpose for every bit of yarn I spin. It's a relaxing hobby and I truly enjoy it.

Other endeavors lately have included spindle making, shopping for a spinning wheel, small weaving projects and sock design, all of which I intend to discuss in the future. I'll see you soon!

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