Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clean paper stresses me out, so I quit using it.

I used to do this, almost daily. I'd upload my camera roll, a digest of my consumption, and talk about my life and my creative endeavors. Over time, many oppressive and angry figures told me to stop.  They saw my self-actualizing behavior as frightening and uncontrolled. My father, my ex-boyfriend, my husband. In an attempt to protect me, they tried to shut me up.  It's time to wake the ugly gorgon within me and press her into the faces of everyone who wishes me to make myself more palatable. As it turns out, I'm just fine the way I am.

This past week I discovered the delightful art and illustrations of Woon Young Joon. This image especially struck me as inspirational. I adore the transparency of the hat, the style of the swimsuit. It's certainly giving me inspiration for my resort wear this summer.

Something I struggle with in the modern blogosphere is the tendency for most content creators to subdivide their content into multiple separate blogs. A separate instagram/ twitter/ tumblr for you, your cat, your cooking, your hobby. It's not something I have a problem with conceptually, just in execution. I guess I tend to smash my frightening spectrum of interests together, and that can be overwhelming to a reader.

One of my sub-blog ideas is pet photography. My brother has this ridiculously large, fluffy, wizard-eyed cat that just needs to be filmed. Meet Pabu. I think I mentioned he's ridiculous. More on him later, hopefully. Magical storytelling with various pets.

Making friends, making friends with their pets. I wish I could tell you more about his owner, who is a fable unto himself.

This old gal though, she's the biggest part of my world right now. My Coffee Bean, an 8 year old Cane Corso adopted from my best friend's pack. She's working in retirement as my service dog, following me patiently and recklessly falling into my lap to comfort me without a care given to decorum or place. Best, best dog.

Coffee was a member of a pack of 5 dogs, all siblings. As she aged, she became more lethargic and submissive, becoming a target for the other dogs. Play fights had started turning ugly, and when one of the other dogs got her ear notched, Katy decided it was time to downsize so that she could do more to control the behavior issues. Miss Bean is now the queen of the living room floor, never has to wait her turn at the water bowl and gets spoiled to pieces with snacks. Her resource manners with people are impeccable. Other dogs are challenging, especially when they are close to her size, and she can become aggressive. Therefore, I keep her well away from other dogs in public, though it's quite simple because she follows me faithfully and instinctively. We have so much to give each other and I just can't get over how happy I am to have her in my life.

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