Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stashy McStashington

I explain this post in advance by saying I want to catch up on my stash pictures when I get stuff and I'm also needy so I'm going to post them for you to see. I know, I'm like an evil genius.

First up, we have my hand washed, hand carded, woolen spun 3 ply moorit merino yarn, being knitted into I don't know what yet.

My mom's peach tree is in bloom (how Georgian, no?) and I got some pics of yarn in the blooms. Fils en Fleurs.

I will not hate these socks and I will finish them tonight.

Blue Mountain Targhee Top in Lupine purchased at Sheepish in Decatur on Mar. 17th. If you shop there, Carrie will email you your receipt which is good unless  you don't want it...

 Ecological Wool by Cascade in Natural
My Russian spindle in Zebrawood with some merino that I got in a destash a while ago. I'm trying to copy some lovely sock yarn that I made gorgeous blue socks out of a while ago. Have I said I miss my wheel yet? Oh yes, and husband. I miss him too.

Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport in  Charcoal Heather, from Sheepish.
 I can't believe I didn't have pictures of this hat already. I wear it absolutely every day here because it's so cold.

 I.. bought yarn at Walmart. 3 in Mauna Loa and 3 in Pink Sands.
 Gift from bestie, Patons Classic Wool in Lemongrass, 2 skeins.
 Fishermen's Wool! 25% off total purchase at Jo-Anns, 4 skeins.
 Transcribed: "Why did I buy this? Do you remember? You should've stopped me I'm not going to use it!"
Answer: She bought this for me to make a hat for her and I asked her about it *multiple* times. I ended up using another roving style yarn to make her a pretty pink and grey two color brioche hat (that I totally forgot to take pictures of) with the other skein that she bought at the same time. Crazy dame.
 My art was getting a little weird at this point. This is Bernat Handicrafts crochet cotton in Pewter.

 Same in Orchid.
 A sweater swatch that I'm now reconsidering.
 JoAnn's clearance, $2 a ball with the discount. I think I might make my dad an absurd hat.
 $2. 50g skein of bamboo and wool sock yarn.

So now I need to go be a good little girl and populate a bunch of fields with a bunch of words and numbers. Does this feel a little like work to anyone else?

P.S.- I'm trying to figure out how to transfer the blog to my current email address so it might look like I'm posting as someone else for a while. I plan on fixing it or just changing my username to 'betsysomething'

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