Monday, April 1, 2013

Episode 11 is live!

Happy Belated Easter! I'm pleased to announce that Episode 11- Bunnypunk went live yesterday.


Vanilla Socks-
Crochet Blanket-
Black wool watchcap-
Fingerless mitts-

Also, the first half of this pattern is available here-

But only if you're a ravelry member.
Blog shoutouts-

I also hope you'll join the group page there as well-

It's a shorter episode but heavy on the jibber jabber.

I'm also pleased to have more photos and bloggy stuff, though I warn there's a lot of overlap with the podcast, so without further ado...

This week's LYS haul, less some boring black sock yarn, a pair of US9 Cubics and a pair of US5 Red Lace.  And there at the bottom we have my latest creative endeavor, a pair of Malabrigo Rios fingerless mitts for my brother's girlfriend. So if you didn't see it in the above notes, I finally made a Rav group for this shindig and you can find a draft version for the left half of the set. I knit up the right side this afternoon and should have a fully test-knittable version ready by tomorrow, which I will also announce in the group:

Easter dinner last night was just precious and my mom made it gorgeous as she always does. We had sirloin steaks, broccoli, asparagus /w hollandaise, mashed potatoes and a bottle of malbec.  I love it so much when we eat from the pretty china and silverware.

I just have to interject that I'm so happy to be reunited with my car. She is a tiny blue panther and I'm so sad I have to go back to driving a big old boring sedan when I get home. But for now I'm in driving heaven.

Random beam of light in the grocery store was perfect for the drinks with texture elements suspended in them.

And then there's this amusing little story. I was really anxious to see how my dorset/ texel fleece would spin up so I combed it up on a hair comb. Much to my surprise, it worked! I wouldn't do a fine fleece or any quantity this way, but I did successfully prepare something like a sliver and spin it up. 

 Oh, and my spindle was a little unconventional as well, HA! Yes, that's a small crochet hook and an irrigation bulb. What?
So that's what's new and weird in my world. 

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