Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Return to the madness

You know, there was a time when I was great about taking pictures of everything. I made stuff, and then the pictures that I took of it were my reward and my way of sharing about the work. But now for some reason it's become a chore that I avoid. It's such a pity because I love to show what I know, and I gain so much enrichment from looking at other people's pictures of their accomplishments. So at any rate, I'm going to try to blog and to do better.

Way back in October, I went on an impromptu trip to Oahu to visit my husband and brought along a cake of handspun that I'd prepared out of a Dorset/ Texel fleece cross. The fleece came from my friend Katy who had gone to sheep shearing school and sent me her best work. I combed it, spun it worsted and made a 3 ply sport weight, perfect for socks. I dyed the finished yarn and worked it toe up using the idea from Wendy Johnson's toe up socks (Trilobyte, to be precise) converted to work with my yarn weight. I love them, and I knitted a good portion of them on military cargo planes and all of them in two kinds of paradise. And I never even made a project page for them... LOL

This hat was spun and knit ages ago. I don't even remember what kind of wool it is or what I was thinking when I dyed it but I do know that I'd like to rip it out and make slippers...
 I love this hat so much. It's the leftovers from my handspun socks mixed with some chain plied rainbow yarn that I made out of my dye tester wool.
 This hat is impossible to photograph on anything but my head. Gwystyl gave it a try but I daresay she hasn't the chin to pull it off. Sorry girl.
Up next- a diatribe on why I love toe up socks. ;)

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